【Solar Charge For Mobile Phone (DC180)】

Most products in the market make the solar panel, lithium battery and charging controller together as a single product. This design has two defects:
1/ Lithium battery is exposed in the sunshine completely and it will be surface bulging and even amaged.
2/ The charging controller is completely exposed in the sunshine and easily be damaged.
The design of DC 180 avoids the above faults. The solar panel and charging controller are separate and this will reduce the probability of damages.
REMARK: In a sunny day a piece of 850mAh lithium battery will be charged fully only in 8 hours.
Product size:135 * 74 * 11.5 mm
Package size:170 * 110 * 55 mm
Gross weight:225 g
Rated output power of solar panel: 1W
Rated input voltage: DC5.5V
Rated output voltage: DC4.3V
Output current in the noon:around 100-190mA

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