【25A Solar Controller】


1. Security
The factors referring to body and property security have been considered during designed the products. But incorrect connection will cause to breakdown. For your security, please do everything according to the following regulation.
·Please contact the local agent before installation, which should be guided by professional
·Prevent any liquid from spattering on controller. Do not clean the controller with wet cloth
·Keep children and incapacity person away from controller
·Keep controller away from electrical heater and other source of heat; Avoid controller under Sun.
·Please check the rated voltage of solar panel, battery, and loads before connection. Their rated voltages all should be 12V (or 24V).
·Pay attention to connect the positive and negative poles among Solar panels, Battery and Loads.
·The diameter of connecting cable could not be smaller, which should be suited to loads.
·The total rated current of solar panel and loads are kept lower than controller’s rated current.
·Tight and good connection among components.
·Connecting wired battery positive and negative poles directly is prohibited.
2. Feature
CM2024 solar charge controller is controlled by CPU. According to the voltage of battery, controller will adjust the charge current and decide whether to supply the loads electricity. The following is the detailed performance:
·Generally keep the battery on full voltage condition.
·Prevent the battery from over-charging.
·Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
·Prevent supplying electricity from the battery to solar panels during nights.
·Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery
·Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar panels
·When the current of load exceeds the rated one of controller, the controller will turn into the self-protection state and is automatically locked up, the screen shows “Overload”.
·Short Circuit happens; The Controller will turn into the self-protection state and is locked up, the screen show “Short circuit”.
·Low voltage happens to battery, the controller will automatically separate loads from system. When the voltage of battery goes up, the loads will automatically restart to work.
·Protection from the lightning strike
·When Controller is normally working, the LCD Screen will show New Charging Current (a dash“-”before the numeral), Discharging Current and Voltage of battery every 5 seconds.
·Controller is always counting Charging Current Hours and Discharging Current Hours of the Battery
·When controller start up, according to the voltage level of battery, Controller will self-setup the Charging-off voltage, the Load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage. This datum is tacitly approved under the standard environment temperature 25°C.
·According to varies system temperature, the controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the charging voltage.
·Users could setup the Charge-on or off voltage, the load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage, etc, according to their requirements.
·To prevent battery from over discharging, Controller will automatically control the lowest Load-off voltage of the load, which is no less than 10V (as per 12V battery) or 20V (as per 24V battery). If voltage of the battery is less than 10V (or 20V), the button “-” will stop working.
·To recover its defaults, please keep pressing down the button “Menu” for over 5 seconds.

3.Technical datum



Rated Voltage

12V, 24V Automatic distinguish Voltage

Rated current


Full charge cut

13.7V/12V; ×2/24V Recognize tacitly, rest

Low voltage cut

10.8V/12V; ×2/24V Recognize tacitly, rest

Reconnected voltage

12.6V/12V; ×2/24V

Temperature compensation

-3mv/cell. °C Recognize tacitlyrest

No load loss


Wire area Min


Voltage drop



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